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Sunday, April 26, 2009

home sweet home

It has been a while since my last returning to my lovely hometown, Kota Tinggi, Johor. Wondering what would happen to both my parents and other siblings. Surely Athirah will sitting at home releasing her tone of pressure after finishing her matriculation program. (Jgn tido saje..tolong ibu kat rumah tu!!!) Finally last weekend balik la juga akhirnya bersama kekasih tersayang.. We chat all the way from KL to Kota Tinggi to fillin the boringness of driving about what happen past few day back, her final year project and a lot more. Alhamdullilah, sharp at 7.30pm we reach home safely. Ayah welcome us while ibu still in her room. Im so happy to see both of them. It Seem forever i didn't see them. I miss u all a lot...!

Most of highlited even happen while we where in Kota Tinggi;

- Bring sayang jalan2 and makan at bawah pokok. Pekene mee rebus tulang was so great!! =)

- Playing futsal with my brother and friends. *they play very well nowdays.

- Ayah would like to see sayang parent' know more and talk about our relationship *wink*oh god! hahahaha

- Que nk beli KFC kat restoran jejantas Melaka yg sgt lame * approximately 1 hour kot!!!

Next week is final exam week. I still got one assignment to be completed while others da abes buat revision pon neither do i. Demn. So all the best guys...!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Its not a bright day for us

The journey of FA Cup has ended. Finally the young barbarian falling down. It was a great match BTW. We did the best the we could. Diaby made too many mistakes yesterday. He made so many bad passes and Fabainski look so nerves, both 2 goals can be denied if we got Almunia at the post (get well soon man!!! we need u there) . The lose to Chelsea doesn't mean we have fail this season. Got couple of matches ahead even though that this silverwere is one of our brightest chance to grab it.

A lot of critism to the team at the early stages but yet then we have proven something here. Come on Arsenal. I believe in ya.

Once a Gunners is Always a Gunners!!! Yeah.