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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday is a movie day =)

"If the moon can linger in the morning so bright, why can't the sun come out at night..."

Last weekend pegi tgok movie with my sayang. TALENTIME!!!! Plan nk tgok ngan few of my classmate but xjd..last skali tgok gak ngan my sayang. Its really was a GOOD movie. U all should see the movie. Ckp pon xgune la! Slamat menonton!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life is A Change Process

It was Saturday night and I've been invited to attend a dinner by Ocean Blue Coral Reef Conservation Project 2008 team at Derby Park, Ampang. It was an honor to attend such great event. Thank you so much guys for inviting me to your dinner. The dinner was great!!! :)

It's a closing ceremony dinner sponsored by Yayasan Pelajaran MARA (YPM) as thankfulness to all who involve in the project and a farewell gift to our beloved lecturer, Madam Jaswati Bt. Ismael. I'm not involved in any of their program; I've been invited because I was the previous Project Manager under the same lecturer who's in charge.

Most of my classmate where there, enjoying the dinner, chatting, and laughing. It's quite a long time I haven't meet Madam Jas. She was an outstanding lecturer for me. She always said that life is a change process, either you change or the environments itself change. Every single word from her is beneficial information for me. She is a good mentor and always be a mentor for me. At the end of the dinner, Madam Jas was invited to give a speech and this came out from her;

7 Steps to be a successful person:

1.Know your true potential
2.Put your Takwa in whatever you do
3. Continuity of studies
4. Your clear vision and mission
5. Amanah
6. Be a positive person
7. Respect others

Thanks for everything Madam Jas.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blogstarz tempat cari duit??? Relax! Think! and react

I just read a few articles and comments about this new way of earning money from (Pros and Cons) Betol ker boleh buat duit and so on dengan ber"blog" cara nie?? So I take my time to understand the concept and ideas that this Mr.Iskandar Awang introduce.

Cara simple dan mudah: register (paid), create blog, then dapat DUIT!! Walah! Mudah kan?

Basicly, it same goes with google adds called "Google AdSense". Create satu website, cite la ape yg nk diceritakan then letak Google AdSense yg related with your topics. The more popular your webpage,the more possibilities that people will click to the Google AdSense in your webpage. That the concept and da ramai pon yg berjaya dengar cara nie. More information as below:

Learn about AdSense

How do I get paid?
You get paid whenever someone on your site clicks on one of the AdSense ads. Advertisers can also bid to appear on your site on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. Both CPC and CPM bids compete in our AdWords programme to ensure that you optimise your ad revenue.

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
We have an EFT payment system available in a number of countries, which will help get your AdSense earnings delivered directly to your bank account every month without any additional effort.

How much do I get paid?
How much you earn depends on a number of factors including how much an advertiser bids on your site you will receive a portion of what the advertiser pays .The best way to find out how much you will earn is to sign up and start showing ads on your web pages.

Its a great deal actually for us yang memang suke berblog,personal website and etc. terutamanye yang blog mereka sgt la popular. =p What this perkenalkan nie elok, BUT got a lot of complains about this company yang patut kamu2 cari before join dia org nye package. (Im not against them but Im advising others).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Malaysian for Man Utd???

With AIG announcing it won’t extend their Manchester United kit sponsorship past 2010, it looks like the Red Devils are seeking out their next suitor. According to Reuters, Manchester United has approached Malaysian budget airline, AirAsia, as a potential replacement for the American insurance giant. (Malaysian company la wei!!!!) This same report also lists Indian company Sahara, Saudi Telecom and British insurer Prudentialas potential sponsors.

What make me so surprise is this:

p/s: Im so proud to be Malaysian even Mr.Tony and TNB has said that it impossible. :)

source: Mr.Tony Fernandes Official Blog and TNB

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Say what, doc?

Gaming-related injuries, I personally had many of them: blistered fingers, sore joints and also, girlfriend-induced-ones-because-she-don’t-get-my-attention-during-gaming (no baby, don’t hit me again…ouch!) but I usually thought those just side-effect of just about anything that you did over a long period of time. Amazingly, scientists in Switzerland has identified a new skin disorder that their called, “PlayStation palmar hidradentitis“. Say what, doc?

According to the published report in British Journal of Dermatology by Vincent Piguet and his colleagues at University Hospitals and Medical School of Geneva, the disease was found after a 12-years old came to the hospital with painful lumps on her palms.

The researchers then found out that just several days before the painful lesions started to appear, the girl was playing PlayStation for long hours daily. The docs asked the girl to stop playing for few days and the disease was gone.

Sony responded that while they never heard of this after selling millions of units, they are going to “study the findings with interest“. So folks, if you starts to feel funny on your hand or any parts of your body after long intense period of gaming, you might want to chill and take a short rest. *nod*

23th Birthday

"...abang...sorry sgt2...!!!
Arrhh..pelupenye aku....
kat Kedah nie aku byk sgt makan semut!!!
Happy belated belated belated birthday...!!"

The conversation goes until near 11 o'clock while I'm doing my project brief and proposal. We talk about life, studies, and my final project too! =) Happy belated birthday org tua. Semoga apa yg kau hajati mendapat keredaan Allah dan diperkenankan hendakNya.

It's so significant to me...I'm 23 this year. Sudah dewasa!! I still remember I had written in a piece of paper 5 years ago, about what I want to achieve at this age and the future. Ayah force me to do so and i really hate it at that time. It's so irritated for me to write something when I was 18 years old about marriage, works, and so many things. Ayah is so specific in all this. Suddenly something driven me to do so. I put an age of 23, 27 and 35 what I want to achieve at that age. Now, I'm 23 and the things that i wrote 5 years ago are clearly happen. It's like a dream come true! Hoping to see a good sign for that 27 and 35 in the future!!!

We all have different journeys,
Different paths along the way,
We all were meant to learn some things,
but never meant to stay...

Our destination is a place,
Far greater than we know.
For some the journey's quicker,
For some the journey's slow.
And when the journey finally ends,
We'll claim a great reward,
And find an everlasting peace.