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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blogstarz tempat cari duit??? Relax! Think! and react

I just read a few articles and comments about this new way of earning money from (Pros and Cons) Betol ker boleh buat duit and so on dengan ber"blog" cara nie?? So I take my time to understand the concept and ideas that this Mr.Iskandar Awang introduce.

Cara simple dan mudah: register (paid), create blog, then dapat DUIT!! Walah! Mudah kan?

Basicly, it same goes with google adds called "Google AdSense". Create satu website, cite la ape yg nk diceritakan then letak Google AdSense yg related with your topics. The more popular your webpage,the more possibilities that people will click to the Google AdSense in your webpage. That the concept and da ramai pon yg berjaya dengar cara nie. More information as below:

Learn about AdSense

How do I get paid?
You get paid whenever someone on your site clicks on one of the AdSense ads. Advertisers can also bid to appear on your site on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. Both CPC and CPM bids compete in our AdWords programme to ensure that you optimise your ad revenue.

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
We have an EFT payment system available in a number of countries, which will help get your AdSense earnings delivered directly to your bank account every month without any additional effort.

How much do I get paid?
How much you earn depends on a number of factors including how much an advertiser bids on your site you will receive a portion of what the advertiser pays .The best way to find out how much you will earn is to sign up and start showing ads on your web pages.

Its a great deal actually for us yang memang suke berblog,personal website and etc. terutamanye yang blog mereka sgt la popular. =p What this perkenalkan nie elok, BUT got a lot of complains about this company yang patut kamu2 cari before join dia org nye package. (Im not against them but Im advising others).

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