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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life is A Change Process

It was Saturday night and I've been invited to attend a dinner by Ocean Blue Coral Reef Conservation Project 2008 team at Derby Park, Ampang. It was an honor to attend such great event. Thank you so much guys for inviting me to your dinner. The dinner was great!!! :)

It's a closing ceremony dinner sponsored by Yayasan Pelajaran MARA (YPM) as thankfulness to all who involve in the project and a farewell gift to our beloved lecturer, Madam Jaswati Bt. Ismael. I'm not involved in any of their program; I've been invited because I was the previous Project Manager under the same lecturer who's in charge.

Most of my classmate where there, enjoying the dinner, chatting, and laughing. It's quite a long time I haven't meet Madam Jas. She was an outstanding lecturer for me. She always said that life is a change process, either you change or the environments itself change. Every single word from her is beneficial information for me. She is a good mentor and always be a mentor for me. At the end of the dinner, Madam Jas was invited to give a speech and this came out from her;

7 Steps to be a successful person:

1.Know your true potential
2.Put your Takwa in whatever you do
3. Continuity of studies
4. Your clear vision and mission
5. Amanah
6. Be a positive person
7. Respect others

Thanks for everything Madam Jas.

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