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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Say what, doc?

Gaming-related injuries, I personally had many of them: blistered fingers, sore joints and also, girlfriend-induced-ones-because-she-don’t-get-my-attention-during-gaming (no baby, don’t hit me again…ouch!) but I usually thought those just side-effect of just about anything that you did over a long period of time. Amazingly, scientists in Switzerland has identified a new skin disorder that their called, “PlayStation palmar hidradentitis“. Say what, doc?

According to the published report in British Journal of Dermatology by Vincent Piguet and his colleagues at University Hospitals and Medical School of Geneva, the disease was found after a 12-years old came to the hospital with painful lumps on her palms.

The researchers then found out that just several days before the painful lesions started to appear, the girl was playing PlayStation for long hours daily. The docs asked the girl to stop playing for few days and the disease was gone.

Sony responded that while they never heard of this after selling millions of units, they are going to “study the findings with interest“. So folks, if you starts to feel funny on your hand or any parts of your body after long intense period of gaming, you might want to chill and take a short rest. *nod*