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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've lost my faith in you

Hello World! its been a while since my last updates..jerks..!!! my internet connection falls to it end. (kene potong da). Currently being use this so-called-download-king WiMax..Lagi mcm haram!!! Maybe xkene tepat pada kawasan sasaran WiMax kot..So as a results, browsing google pon take time, facebook amek masa 2 minit nk sign-in, and the best part is - XBOLEH NAK UPLOAD APE2!!!. But ya, its better ada then nothing rite..? HAHA..GRRRREAAT!!!

So nak update pon jd malas. School start back, bit boring since all my housemate da start cari kerja!! Attend Man Utd tranning session last friday. AWESOME! even im not Man Utd Fans. Its good to see my rival play LIVE! Few photos being captured tp ya, slowpork internet xkasi utk di upload...Great performance from our young tigers! KALAH BERMARUAH!...Watching Harry Potter with sayang - even its not a gold class i've enjoy every moment of it!!! HAHA... Shut Up u non-harry potter freak! <--specially to u siszer!!! The best part is, since this slowpork internet, i've enjoying myself watching movies! and - ahah!!! found a great movie to watch - ONCE(2006). U should watch this movie fellas!!! An introduction - the theme song, enjoy it:

OK done for today. See ya next post!

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