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Monday, May 11, 2009

Examination Fever

I'm studying Business IT with International Business. Through out the semester I learned:
  1. The Digital Society - Talk about the development of the digital world (internet) nowadays.
  2. Computer Project Management - Study about the elements of computer project management best practice.
  3. International Business - The progress of businesses internationally and future business prosper.
  4. Final Project Part A - A final project module. Part A is an initial for us to know the final year project and build the platform of your FYP.
So this week is final examination week. Today is my 1st paper - The Digital Society. As usual, study all day long, reduce the hypertension in computer games and other obstacle that procrastinate my revision week. Tentative for today:

- Wake up at 5.30am, open PC, read some ppt slides . Oh sgt blur. =.='
- 6.30am,took a bath, pray continue last minute reading
- 8.00am walked to the LRT - go to examination hall. Exam start at 9.00am
- Suddenly something happen:

"aku x bawak examination slip...demn!!!"

Sangat gelabah, jam kat tangan da kul 8.30am - xsempat nak patah balik. Call alip for helps, kot2 dia ade kat kenari, result: aku kat umh aku la yan *dengan suara ngantuk kene kacau tidurnya. Oh ape optional yg tinggal??? Call bdk2 kenari, SORANG PON XANGKAT!!! Sah tido mati smua nye! Erm...last skali terpaksa, sgt terdesak, call sayang for help:

jejaka cuak: Aslmkum. Morning =)

kekasih baik hati: erm...b...wslm..Morning **suara kene kcau tidur gak..

jejaka cuak: ish..ape xbgn lagi nie... **control control..amek ati 1st..

kekasih baik hati: Ye..ape nye nie...

jejaka cuak: Honey..nie slip exam tertinggal kat umh la...ble tolong amek kn x...?

kekasih baik hati: lorh...camne..??? umh xkunci? sape ade kat umh...? ** suara trus segar beb!! i love u so much... xoxo

jejaka cuak: xde..masuk je..if ade pon ckp la nk amek slip b..b letak kat drower meja PC b..

and the story goes untill she took my examination slip, kazuki has awake. Honey drove her car and give it to infront of college gates. OH LEGA!!!

What a friendly reminder from her: laen kali tgok la bola lagi k sayang..?? :p