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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Im proud too!!! Go The Kirby Mansion

Oh Gosh!! I had a called from my ex-Adelaide house mate at 9.30pm (Malaysia) . Lama gile korang xcontact aku especially la call kan...You know what happen?? Our (not mine anymore) house being selected in a television show for this coming Ramadhan (August 2009) *wink* =) . A Sahur program hosted by Haliza Misbun if i'm not mistaken. Im so happy on behalf of them.

Ayat yang xleh bla: "....kalau la ko ade lagi..sure kite same2 masuk "main channel" kat M'sia Ramadhan nanti..." HAHAHA... Oh..i miss u guy's so much!!! Rindu nak hang out same2 after class, pekene hungry jacks, Solat kat UniSA City East and layan Fish n Chips!! So here are some awesome pics during the casting. Enjoy fellas!! =)


  1. daym....aku sure haliza misbun ni xkn dtg bangalore!!!! *emo* HAHAHA :ppp

  2. If she can wear the same outfit in the pixie in India surely she's ding a bell at your door step my dear!!! HAHAHA