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Friday, May 29, 2009

Its a long night for me

Yeah. Thanks for my stupidity and clumsiest of handling things make this is a long night for me... You know what happen? I just formatted un-supposedly partition of my sayang laptop... bedo *bengong&bodoh* tol!!All her precious pictures,vids,paper works and what so eva are lost that she keep for almost more than 3 years!!! Kasi kat aku...5 minit je lesap!! Damn it u man!!!

The story goes like this: she ask me to format her laptop. Simple. Easy. and Clear. Si mamat bebal nie ble dengar selambenye format partion D:..xde kene mengenekn..?? Windows kat C: la samdol! Atoiyai!!! I dont know what im thinking of at that time...format mcm biasa..then install windows. Masuk je windows - HAH!!! Apsal kat D: nie pon ade Windows..??? Kejadahnye~ A moment after that, i called her for an explanation. She's really upset, i know - even she's said nothing to be recovered. Nak buat mcm mane u da format pon b. Hrm.....

I don't know what to do. Take 5. Borak2 with dd yg baru balik kerja...release tension..padahal da bersalah gile da nie..I keep blaming myself and i sms'ing sayang told her that i'm really2 sorry for what just happen...

I need to do something! Thanks to the brilliant ideas and suggestions from my lovely forummer - LOWYAT.NET that helps me in retrieving the formatted data...Thanks a lot guys. Using some techniques and software i manage to recovered somes..

To shahira: I know im wrong..and im really sorry for what happen last night. Those pictures are really memoriable for u. I had try my best to get back as much as i could.

To the forummer: You are really Malaysian Tech Enthusiast Resource Community. Thanks a lot guys for the help.


OK. Got to go to fetch ayah,ibu and aishah at puduraya. =) See ya!


  1. Nice blog sufian.
    i fllow urs. =)

  2. Oh. Great!! Thanks =)Can't wait to follow yours too. Nice to meet you btw.