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Thursday, May 28, 2009

joyful and agony

Yesterday we had our endless evening playing kite at the Selayang Park. It was so fun!!! =D Lame rasenye x maen layang2...HAHAHA...I drove sayang car's while Fazrul follow at the back. Unfortunely, on our way to the park 8 of us saw LIVE in front of our eye a horible excident which a motorcyclist felt from his bike. I saw his broken arm when he hit the ground while he in unconscious i think after the impact. You can see clearly all the sudden because it happen less then 10 meters in front us!!! Punye la mengelupur aku break, takut terlenyek dia...

It happen very fast, near the exit of Batu Caves MRRII highway pluk tu..lane kanan skali and my speed was aprox. 100km/h i think. U can imagine rite, 100km/h felt from a bike,jatuh hentak bahu 1st..owhhh no...that bahu tu yg aku xle blah..tekepak,jatuh,terpusing!!! we slow down the car, trying to see if any one help him, I can't stop my car kat lane paling kanan skali kat MRRII tu..memang kene sebat la pastu kan dari blakang..i said to myself, if nobody stop to help him i will. A few second later a few motorcylist stop and help him while i see a few cars started to stop..hrmm...dia memang laju..harap2 dia selamat la...



  1. sumpah time grad nnt i nak lompat tinggi2!! amek pic banyakbanyak!!